Phosphoric Acid 75% - 32 oz

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Discover the secret to achieving the perfect mash pH level in your homebrewing process with Phosphoric Acid 75% - 32 oz. This food-grade acidifying agent is your go-to solution for consistent and precise recipe replication.

• Phosphoric Acid 75% Solution: This essential component effortlessly lowers your mash pH, ensuring your beer possesses the ideal balance of flavors.

• Sparge Water Use: This solution isn't just for your mash. You can also utilize it in your sparge water, assisting in the extraction of sugars from your malt. This is a crucial step in achieving the desired strength and flavor of your beer.

• 32 oz Bottle: Packaged in a compact, easy-to-store bottle, this solution is sufficient for multiple brewing sessions.

But the uses of Phosphoric Acid 75% solution extend beyond just brewing. It's an effective rust remover, making it a valuable addition to your DIY toolkit. Moreover, it can be used in gardening to adjust the pH level of your soil, fostering healthier plant growth.

Phosphoric Acid 75% solution is more than just a brewing aid. It's a versatile tool designed to meet your diverse needs. Whether you're adjusting your mash pH, preparing your sparge water, or embarking on a home project, this product is tailored to support you.

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