D180 Belgian Candi Syrup 1 lb

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Enhance your home brewing experience with our D180 Belgian Candi Syrup. This 1 lb package of premium quality syrup is derived from 180 Lovibond caramelized beet sugar, offering a rich, deep flavor that is perfect for crafting traditional Belgian beers.

The D180 Belgian Candi Syrup is a must-have ingredient for any home brewer looking to create authentic Belgian style beers. It provides a unique depth of flavor, adding complex caramel and dark fruit notes to your brew. This syrup is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of beer styles, including Dubbels, Dark Strong Ales, and Belgian Stouts.

Our D180 Belgian Candi Syrup is easy to use, simply dissolve it into your wort during the boil. This product is not only a great addition to your beer making process, but it also contributes to the color and aroma of your final product, making it an essential ingredient for achieving that perfect Belgian brew.

Experience the difference in your home brewing with the D180 Belgian Candi Syrup. Its superior quality and authentic flavor profile make it a top choice for home brewers aiming to replicate the distinctive taste of Belgian beers.