Golden Belgian Candi Syrup

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Your 5 Lovibond Golden Belgian Candi Syrup is a top-tier brewing ingredient that stands unrivaled in the market. This premium syrup boasts a rich, translucent 24 karat gold color that enhances the visual appeal of your brew.

When used in beer making, this Golden Belgian Candi Syrup imparts a pronounced caramel flavor and light fruit palate. It's perfect for crafting award-winning authentic Belgian Tripels, Saisons, Golden Ales, and Bier de Garde.

Adding this syrup to your brewing process will not only elevate the taste but also contribute to the overall quality of your homemade beer. It's the secret ingredient used by many successful home brewers and professional breweries to achieve that unique Belgian beer flavor.

Experience the difference in your beer making with our 5 Lovibond Golden Belgian Candi Syrup. It's the perfect addition to your brewing supplies, promising an unmatched taste and quality in every brew.