D45 Belgian Candi Syrup 1 lb

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Enhance your beer brewing process with our D45 Belgian Candi Syrup. This 1 lb pack of premium quality syrup is derived from 45 Lovibond caramelized beet sugar, offering a rich and unique flavor to your brew. Ideal for home brewing enthusiasts and professional brewers alike, this syrup is perfect for crafting traditional Belgian style beers.

The D45 Belgian Candi Syrup is known for its superior fermentability and is often used in the production of a wide range of beer styles, including Dubbels, Dark Strong Ales, and Belgian Specialty Beers. Its deep amber color and rich, caramelized flavors add depth and complexity to your brew, enhancing its overall taste and aroma.

To use, simply add the D45 Belgian Candi Syrup during the boil stage of your beer-making process. The quantity can be adjusted according to your personal preference and the specific beer style you are brewing.

Experience the difference in your beer's flavor profile with the D45 Belgian Candi Syrup. Its high-quality ingredients and exceptional brewing performance make it a must-have addition to your brewing supplies.