D90 Belgian Candi Syrup 1 lb

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Enhance your beer brewing experience with our D90 Belgian Candi Syrup. This premium quality product, weighing 1 lb, is a 90 Lovibond caramelized beet sugar, perfect for adding a unique flavor profile to your homemade brews.

Our D90 Belgian Candi Syrup is a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts for its ability to infuse a rich, caramelized sweetness into your brew. It's ideal for creating a variety of Belgian style beers, including Dubbels, Dark Ales, and Quadrupels.

The syrup is easy to use and can be added during the boiling process of your beer making. The recommended usage is to add it 5 minutes before the end of the boil. This allows the syrup to fully integrate and enhance the overall taste of your beer.

With its deep amber color and rich, full-bodied flavor, the D90 Belgian Candi Syrup is a must-have ingredient for any home brewer looking to experiment with traditional Belgian beer styles.

Experience the authentic taste of Belgian beers with our D90 Belgian Candi Syrup. It's not just a product, it's a key to unlock the true flavor of your homemade brews.